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Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with Toddy Gear's range of tech accessories. From stylish phone stands and portable Pocket Toddies to effective microfiber smart cloths, Toddy Gear has something for every lifestyle. Explore the unique features and benefits of these products that not only enhance your tech experience but also make a fashion statement. Stay updated with the latest from Toddy Gear by subscribing to their newsletter. Dive into the world of fashionable and functional tech accessories with Toddy Gear today!

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Discover why microfiber cloths, proudly made in the USA, are an essential back-to-school tech accessory. Keep screens clean and learning uninterrupted with this simple yet effective tool!

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Let’s face it - you’ve been there - your mobile device gives you the warning "20% BATTERY REMAINING." The countdown begins and the panic starts. Images of your next plug in opportunity flash through your mind. Will it be your car? Your office? The airport? Back at camp? Now the real panic sets in - you aren’t going to be any of those places in “twenty percent” time! You need a power bank.

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A purse, backpack, tote, or fanny pack (hey, we don’t judge) can say so much about a person. It contains the daily essentials of a person. As for me, I live out of my purse.

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What is the Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand? It is the perfect companion for your device. Watch your favorite Netflix show, follow along with a recipe, or keep your smartphone front and center at work, cradle your device on this dual-purpose beanbag-like phone stand and screen cleaner.

So how does a Wedge go from a simple piece of fabric to a beanbag-like phone stand and screen cleaner? Let's take a look.

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