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What's in My Purse

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What's in My Purse

A purse, backpack, tote, or fanny pack (hey, we don’t judge) can say so much about a person. It contains the daily essentials of a person. As for me, I live out of my purse.

Hi, I’m Andie. I’m the eCommerce Marketing Associate for Toddy Gear. I wasn’t joking when I say I live out of my purse. Although the Toddy Gear office is in Chicago, I live about 40 miles outside the city. Day to day, I am away from my house for about 11 hours, so I need to make sure I have plenty of snacks, my work necessities, and all my tech accessories in my purse. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in my purse.

Most importantly, I need my smartphone cable. Let’s be realistic, there is no way the battery on my phone is lasting for 11 hours straight. I love my Toddy Cable, not only is it functional but the design is so trendy. My favorite design is Seafoam. It is chic and professional but still has flair that sets it apart from the standard charging cord.

Now raise your hand if you have a cable running wild on the bottom of your bag and getting tangled in everything. I think we can all relate to that. The Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer keeps my charger cable organized no matter how chaotic my bag gets. Toddy Gear has just released new Toddy Tie designs to match some of their best selling cables (including my fave: Seafoam). You can get the Cable & Organizer Bundle for only $16.78. That’s 20% less than what you would be paying to buy them separately.

As someone who has quite the collection of sunglasses, I always have at least one pair in my bag. Although I keep them in their cases, it’s near impossible to keep each pair smudge-free all day. That’s where the Pocket Toddy comes in handy. It is attached to my keys, so I always have a perfectly polished pair of sunnies.

Finally, my last purse essential is **drumroll please** chapstick. No surprise there. If you’re anything like me, you probably have 5 different kinds of chapstick rolling around in your bag.

Other than my wallet, some hair ties, mints, and a bag of dried mango, that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my purse.


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