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New Year, new you? The first days of January are full of new commitments and dreams of a healthier year ahead. Typically this means vows to hit the gym more, eat healthier and drink more water. But have you thought about your tech resolutions yet? It's 2018 and that means everyone (and we mean everyone--we're looking at you, grandma!) depends on their tech to get them through the day. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops have become our personal assistants. They are our navigators, recipe books, alarms and personal movie theaters. All that heavy lifting calls for a little pampering.  Pampering? Who...

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"To keep everything running smoothly at home and at school, be sure to have plenty of Toddy Gear charge and sync cables as well as power banks on hand. I’m especially fond of the fun designs and colors. They add a little pizzazz to the day as well as identity. Everyone in the house can have their own cord, eliminating any sort of arguments between your kids over who “stole” whose charger! (Yes – everyone’s kids do that!)" Read the full review here.

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"I’m in LOVE. I actually feel like I’m pampering my friends here when I use them with my phone and laptop." Read more from Lindsay of See Mom Click + enter the giveaway here.

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"Toddy Gear has just what you need to wipe away constantly dirty, grimy screens, stop struggling to prop screens for your favorite show or that new recipe, say goodbye to powering down when you can least afford it and much, much more." Read the entire blog post & enter the giveaway here. 

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Every year, about this time, you start thinking about ways to Spring Clean your home, office, car, and more. You’re ready to welcome warmer weather and find new ways to keep our spaces clean and organized. Spring cleaning plans are often ambitious and require stocking up on new cleaning supplies. But what if you had an eco-friendly microfiber option that didn’t require murky chemicals or a restocking trip. An American-made product carefully crafted to get the job done while uniquely reflect your style and personality. Enter Toddy Gear microfiber products that make cleaning more than just your cell phone a breeze. Why Toddy...

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