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New Year, new you? The first days of January are full of new commitments and dreams of a healthier year ahead. Typically this means vows to hit the gym more, eat healthier and drink more water. But have you thought about your tech resolutions yet? It's 2018 and that means everyone (and we mean everyone--we're looking at you, grandma!) depends on their tech to get them through the day. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops have become our personal assistants. They are our navigators, recipe books, alarms and personal movie theaters. All that heavy lifting calls for a little pampering.  Pampering? Who...

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Consider this: just over 30 years ago, Oregon Trail was the apex of innovative classroom technology. A cult favorite among older Millennials, it was once a coveted resource only available on shared classroom computers. Fast forward a few decades and technology has proliferated the modern classroom. The days of sharing one ancient computer are way over. These days, teachers, students and parents alike depend on the latest technology to teach, learn and communicate. We’ve traded notebooks and pens for screens and a stylus. It’s time we all learn how to properly care for these more sophisticated, expensive devices. Constant use...

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