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How it’s Made: The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand

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How it’s Made: The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand

What is a Wedge? It's the perfect companion for your device. Watch your favorite Netflix show, follow along with a recipe, or keep your smartphone front and center at work. Cradle your device on this dual-purpose beanbag-like phone stand and screen cleaner.

So how does a Wedge go from a simple piece of fabric to a beanbag-like phone stand and screen cleaner? Let's take a look.

You go online, find the perfect design for your new Wedge, hit add to cart, and complete your order. Then what happens? How does each Toddy Gear Wedge make it into your hands? Let’s head to our local manufacturing facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois to see!

Right after you complete your order, the Toddy Gear team gets a notification letting us know what you ordered; for the purpose of this post, let’s say you ordered one of our Gems and Geodes Collection Wedges (great choice). When you click “submit order,” confetti is thrown into the air in our office, we have a dance party and celebrate your order! Once things settle down, we find the right artwork for your new phone stand.

Most of our tech accessories are made to order in our suburban Chicago production facility: that means that once an order is placed, we print the exact Wedge you ordered. This is how we can offer so many designs and even custom products. Once our team finds the right artwork, they use one of our giant printers to print the artwork and then transfer it to a blank piece of microfiber. 

After passing a quality control check, the newly pressed fabric makes its way to the sewing department. The Wedge is stitched together and prepped to fill with tiny beads and a styrofoam bumper meant to hold your smartphone at just the right angle. After all the filling is put in, your Wedge is all done and ready to be sent off to you! 

Once it’s in your hands, the rest is up to you! How do you use your Wedge? Tag us and share pics on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.