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Teachable Moment: The Importance of Caring for & Personalizing Technology in a Modern Classroom

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Teachable Moment: The Importance of Caring for & Personalizing Technology in a Modern Classroom

Consider this: just over 30 years ago, Oregon Trail was the apex of innovative classroom technology. A cult favorite among older Millennials, it was once a coveted resource only available on shared classroom computers. Fast forward a few decades and technology has proliferated the modern classroom. The days of sharing one ancient computer are way over. These days, teachers, students and parents alike depend on the latest technology to teach, learn and communicate. We’ve traded notebooks and pens for screens and a stylus. It’s time we all learn how to properly care for these more sophisticated, expensive devices.

Constant use of tablets, smartphones, computer screens and more means a lot of dirty, germ-filled screens filling the classroom. Imagine the dirt and grime left behind on a screen at the end of the day. Now imagine using that same bacteria-infested screen the very next day--gross, right? It doesn’t have to be. Reusable and stylish, Toddy Gear microfiber products (Smart Cloths, Screensters and Pocket Toddys) equip student, teachers and parents alike with a fashionable way to clean screens, keeping germs at bay.

We’re also constantly left searching for ways to keep our devices charged so we don’t power down when we least expect it--imagine your tablet dies in the middle of taking notes or your kids phone dies before after-school practice ends and they can’t call for a ride. Now, you can stay charged with a little bit of personality, using Toddy Charge & Sync cables and our Smart Charge Power Bank series. Available in dozens of designs or completely customizable, everyone in the classroom can find their own unique charging solutions.

While researchers and educators continue to debate how much technology is too much, one thing is certain--use of technology, in and out of the classroom and at any age, isn’t slowing down. We all have an opportunity to learn and teach others the tech care lessons that will serve them wherever they go, whatever device they use.

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