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For the Love of Mom: The Guide to Gifts She’ll Love AND Use, From Toddy's Own Soon-To-Be-Mom

For the Love of Mom: The Guide to Gifts She’ll Love AND Use, From Toddy's Own Soon-To-Be-Mom

Personal reflections from Toddy Gear’s own soon-to-be mom on what “mother”  means & how we can all recognize a mom, biological or not, with thoughtful, even customizable, gifts that will last well beyond the wilted flowers.
By: Catherine Scagnelli, eCommerce Marketing Director

This Mother’s Day is unlike any other. For me at least. I sit here writing this 5 1/2 months pregnant, expecting my first child this August. I’ve been at Toddy Gear approximately 3x longer than that and typically, this time of year our team is busy pulling together materials for a successful Mother’s Day campaign. We know our tech accessories are something EVERY mom benefits from and it’s my job (hey, I’m a marketer after all) to convince you. But this year is so much more than maximizing sales for a better bottom line.

Say what?

It’s about reflecting on what “mother” actually means, how our favorite memories cement our relationships for a lifetime and practical gifting that mom will use and love well after the holiday passes. And yeah, ok, I’ll admit, it’s also a little bit about how our locally-crafted tech accessories fit the bill.

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Okay, so onto my musings on Mother’s Day…

Let me tell you, you do a lot of thinking when pregnant. You spend sleepless hours rummaging through leftover thoughts that didn’t see the light of day, like just what the word “mother” means. At the end of the day “mother” doesn’t have to mean “biological”. Whether they raised us or not, mothers are all around us. Think—sisters, aunts, best friends, grandmas or even your own daughters are hardworking women who deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day and beyond.

Truth is, “mother” means something different for everyone but one thing is certain—every mom depends on technology to get through the day. I’ve always believed in the value of fashionable, functional tech accessories but the need for it has never been more obvious to me than it is now. Our tech accessories are specifically designed to compliment busy, tech-driven lifestyles and it doesn’t get much busier than the life of a mom!

Whether their smartphone as GPS helps accomplish errands, their tablet entertains the little ones or their laptop keeps them plugged into news outside the home, technology is a non-negotiable part of her lire. To keep our electronics up and running alongside our busy lives they need to stay clean, charged and protected on a daily basis. And now you can help mom do all that while complimenting her own personal style.

Ok, but what exactly am I talking about?


  • Microfiber Smart Cloths are perfect to keep around the house or office, throw in a purse or diaper bag and even through into the car to keep screens clean of sticky, slimy kid fingerprints. Shop Smart Cloths >
  • The WedgeTM Mobile Device Stand works wonders, propping my phone to watch my favorite Netflix show no matter where I am in the house or as a sous chef for weekly meal prepping. Bonus? The microfiber bottom also cleans your screen. There’s a reason I have one for every room in the house. Shop Wedges >
  • Smart Charge Power Banks allow you to say goodbye to the days of powering down when you can least afford it. Forgot to charge your phone before running errands or leaving on a big trip? Just keep a portable charger (Deluxe versions is about the size of an iPhone and fits easily in your pocket or purse!) with you wherever you go. Shop Power Banks >
  • Stress Balls that double as screen cleaners? Yes, please. Whether a stay-at-home or working mom, there’s not shortage of stressful moments. Take the stress out of your day with this microfiber, bead-filled Stress Ball/Screen Cleaner combo. Shop Stress Balls >
  • Customized Tech Gear allows you to be the designer and make sure mom’s favorite memories stay close all year long. Giving a lasting gift that memorializes your relationship on a product that she’ll love and use year round means more than the flowers that will die within the week. Shop Custom Tech Gear >

Don't want to browse all the options? We've curated a Mother's Day Gift Guide, complete with best selling products featuring designs mom is sure to love.

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Ultimately, while Mother's Day is a time to spoil mom with everything she needs (or didn't know she needed), every day is a day to recognize her hard work. Why not give a gift that will work hard for her (and remind her of you) every day of the year?