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Dare We Say It? Ok, Ok... Holiday Shopping is Here!

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Dare We Say It? Ok, Ok... Holiday Shopping is Here!

We’re one holiday down and it’s time to make your list and check them twice. That’s right, Thanksgiving is still around the corner, but everyone’s starting to focus on holiday shopping. Maybe you’re not ready to put away the gourds and cornucopias in favor of colored lights and evergreens yet, but it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the gift giving to come.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone on your list this holiday season has touch screens or lenses that accumulate dirt, fingerprints, and oil throughout the day, right? Whether it's smartphones, tablets, eyeglasses, cameras, or TVs, we offer a collection of fashionable and functional microfiber products that are made to actually remove the gross leftovers of our constant use.

Sanibel Tech Pack

Flower Power Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand

Beer & Bacon Smart Cloth

Gift Sets: 
We’ve bundled some of our most popular products to help make holiday shopping for even the hardest-to-please person on your list and pass the savings along to you. Browse the options today to find a style and combination that can be gifted as a set or broken up into separate stocking stuffers. Shop Gift Sets >>

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Our defining flagship product, the 5x7 Smart Cloth offers incomparable, dual-sided microfiber cleaning that will eliminate all smudges without the need for any liquids. Find a style for anyone on your list today. Shop Smart Cloths >>

The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand: The Wedge will hold smartphones up at a perfect viewing angle--think, propping recipes during dinner prep, Netflix at the ready for the kids, or keeping your phone in sight while working 9-5--and the options are endless. Bonus? The plush microfiber bottom cleans your screens before you put them away. Shop The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand >>

Screensters: Toy… doll… screen cleaner? You know as well as we do that smartphone and tablet owners are getting younger and younger. Well, it’s high-time to teach kids everywhere how to take care of the expensive gadgets they love. What could be better than a microfiber cleaning character? Shop Screensters >>

Additionally, we have a suite of other tech accessories that make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone, including Power Banks (portable chargers), Toddy Cables (3 different charging options; Apple, USB, or Universal chargers), Pocket Toddy’s, our on-the-go Smart Cloth, and more!