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Taking Care of Gadgets!

Taking Care of Gadgets!

Taking care of the most near and dear gadgets has never been easier and safer. So I keep wondering why anyone would clean an electronic devices with a liquid or gel cleaning solution when everyone knows, liquids or gels don’t play well with, well, electronic gadgets.

So what are my options? Toddy Gear comes to the rescue with a smarter more fashionable solution than a cleaner bottle, even thought the cleaners do come in different colors, I don’t want to carry one around with me all the time. Imagine going through airport security! Ok, I have gone on a tangent, back to options for cleaning. Whether you are embarking on cleaning a touch screen, TV screens, kitchen appliances, bedroom mirrors you name it, use 100% microfiber cloths and make sure they put you in a great mood while you are cleaning.

Microfiber is the modern way to clean virtually anything. This high tech material is naturally hypoallergenic and amazingly absorbs oils, removes smudges and attracts dust particles like you have not seen before, all in one amazing package that can be washed and used over and over again. Oh, I forgot to mention, these awesome microfiber cleaning cloth are also coated with an antimicrobial coating. Why is that important? Well, have you seen the reports on how many germs reside on your touch screen, more than on a public restroom toilet seat? Gross, I know.

So, whatever your cleaning needs are or whatever your style may be get your hands on one of these: 



            Smart Cloth 5"x7"                                                          Pocket Toddy 




    The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand                                Smart Cloth  9"x9"