Polka Tech Pack+

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We always seem to need more juice for our gadgets. Boost your mobile devices battery with this Tech Pack+ while tidying up the screens with the included Smart Cloth. The cloth gently cleans sensitive glass screens without running the risk of scratching. The plush microfiber cloth attracts any oils or dust and completely removes them, not just wipes them around. Travel in style with this elegant double drawstring pouch, power bank, and a Smart Cloth.

The Tech Pack+ includes:

  • 2600mAh Power Bank
  • Smart Cloth Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • USB to micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Microfiber Storage Pouch

Note: To charge devices that have connectors other than micro-USB, simply use the cable that came with your device.


  • Power Bank charges a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, eReaders, point and shoot cameras, Bluetooth devices and more. (2600mAh premium lithium-ion battery) Note: Use time will vary with device being charged.
  • Lightweight and fits perfectly in a pocket or bag.
  • Includes USB to micro-USB cable that can be used to charge micro-USB devices as well as recharge the Power Bank.
  • Light indicates when the device is being charged or when it is charging another device
  • Smart Cloth cleans and polishes screens

Tech Specs

  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Output to Device: 5 Volt 1 Amp (USB port)
  • Input to power bank: 5 Volt 0.8 Amp (micro-USB)