Gold Leaf Toddy Tie

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  • $ 5.99

No more messy cords shoved in pockets and bags or left on your desk in a disorderly mess. Toddy Ties eliminate the tangled mess cords and cables make, providing a convenient, rubberband-like holder with a snap in the middle to keep them organized, letting you concentrate on more important things.

Decorated with emojis, fun icons and some of our best-selling designs, the Toddy Tie Cord Organizer also adds some personality into your tech care. Ideal for charge and sync cables, headphones and other cords and cables.

  • Modern and sleek way to keep your cords and cables organized
  • Includes Smart Snaptm Technology
  • Neatly manages all cords and cables
  • High-definition, full-color, glossy logo imprint on snap
  • Available in 7 band colors (green, blue, orange, red, grey, white and black)
  • Made from high-grade silicone for long-lasting use, flexibility, and durability
  • Available individually or select 3-pack designs