Toddy Gear Retailer Program

We get the question all the time: do local stores carry Toddy Gear tech accessories? 

The answer: a few. But not enough. While popular on both and Amazon, customers are constantly asking for retail locations across the country. Fans are asking for it and we’re looking to partner with tech-focused stores to make it happen.

We're starting by offering our best selling product, The Wedge Mobile Device Stand to interested retailers at 60% discount.  




Why The Wedge?

It makes an impact. Coworkers notice one on a colleagues desk and have to have their own. Someone receives it as a holiday gift and they stock up on several other designs for their own gift giving. A customer stops in for a new phone and can’t believe they haven’t heard of this beanbag-like phone stand before.

Benefits to Our Retailers







  • Easy, quick set up process
  • Access to expansive design options, with over 40 designs available to choose from
  • Dedicated staff to support order process and merchandising
  • Shows dedicated support of local manufacturing and small business

Brand Your Own Wedges 

Not only do we offer retail Wedges but we also brand our tech accessories for businesses around the world, helping showcase the brand to customers and clients. We'd love to put your logo or artwork on Wedges for promotions and sales throughout your store. If interested, we can connect you with our design team and offer each promotional item at $4.50/unit, minimum 25 units. 

Interested? Contact our promotional products representative, Nellie, at

Questions? Contact us at today.