About Color Your World Rewards Club

Toddy Gear’s Color Your World Rewards Club is easy to join and take advantage of all of the amazing product we have to offer. 


To join simply create and account at www.toddygear.com and you are in! As a bonus for joining we will automatically award you 200 Toddy Reward Points.

Make sure you are logged in when you are making purchases at www.toddygear.com to take advantage of this program to the max. For every $1.00 you spend you get 2 Toddy Points. Points are redeemable for anything at www.toddygear.com.

Toddy Points
500 Toddy Points = $5.00
1,000 Toddy Points = $10.00
2,500 Toddy Points = $25.00

Share your joy with your favorite people and get rewarded!
Refer a friend and earn 200 Toddy Points while your favorite people will receive 10% off their purchase.

Look for the "Rewards Program" link at the bottom left corner of www.toddygear.com.