Meow Smart Charge Power Bank

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Say goodbye to boring, one-color power banks and say hello to portable charging power with personality. Finally, a portable battery as creative and unique as the gadget it’s charging and it’s owner.

This travel-sized power bank will charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere in a style that is all your own. Save time and stress by eliminating the inconvenience of powering down when you can least afford it.

Note: To charge devices that have connectors other than micro-USB, simply use the cable that came with your device.


    • 5000mAh battery for superior performance
    • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and wearables that support charging via 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A USB interface
    • Glossy, mirror-like finish
    • Slim, elegant, and powerful for on-the-go charging
    • Digital LED indicators to display remaining power

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