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Now Trending: New Designs, Handpicked by the Todd in Toddy

Now Trending: New Designs, Handpicked by the Todd in Toddy

Being a small business owner in an ever-evolving tech world is never boring. An average day involves big picture thinking to stay ahead of the next tech developments, product development ideas inspired by constant tinkering, and working closely with a dedicated team to make sure the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Enter Todd Gabel, the Todd behind Toddy. He opened the doors at Toddy Gear seven years ago with one goal—to enhance your favorite gadgets with fashionable and functional tech accessories. Fast forward and you can still find him right in the middle of it all, excitedly pitching his latest, greatest ideas.

As he explains, “Tech isn’t slowing down. Everywhere you look there is the coolest new gadget or the latest smartphone upgrade. It’s impossible to ignore that modern, tech-driven lifestyles are the new norm and everyone deserves high-quality, fashionable gear to complement their electronics.”

That’s where our latest collection, Todd’s Picks, picks up. Carefully curated and handpicked by Todd himself. The collection was inspired by his travels, daughter’s fashion sense, and visits to local Chicago art fairs.

“It’s our goal at Toddy Gear to design tech accessories as sophisticated as their owners and the gadgets they love. Continually introducing new patterns ensures everyone has an option to match their personality.”

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