3 On-the-Go Tech Essentials to Add Modern Style Convenience to Your Routine

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3 On-the-Go Tech Essentials to Add Modern Style Convenience to Your Routine

Alarm clock. Morning newspaper. Personal assistant. GPS. Portable movie theater. Our smartphones play countless different roles in our daily lives; lives that are busy and filled with work commutes, long days at the office (or classroom), happy hours, family dinners and so much more in between. And the one constant amongst the flurry of activity is your cell phone. It’s always by your side as you listen to music, follow its GPS or make that important work call.

So, why wouldn’t you pamper your device, your lifeline, with accessories that simplify, charge and organize your day?

Currently, our three favorite tech accessories do all of that AND add a touch of personality while they’re at it. We’re talking about our Universal Car Mounts, Toddy Tie Cord & Cable Organizer and Smart Charge Power Bank series. But what about these faves makes them an “on-the-go essential”? We’re glad you asked.

Say goodbye to distracted driving (and pesky tickets) with the Universal Car Mount. With this universally designed phone car mount, we guarantee you’ll never miss another important phone call or turn again. Keep your cell phone front and center wherever you go by docking it for hands-free phone calls, navigation and more.

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Clean up the disaster of messy cables at your desk or on the go with the Toddy Tie Cord & Cable Organizer. Sophisticated in its simplicity, the Toddy Tie eliminates the tangled mess cords and cables make, providing a convenient, rubberband-like holder with a snap in the middle to keep them organized, letting you concentrate on more important things.

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Save time and stress by eliminating the inconvenience of a dead smartphone with a travel-sized Smart Charge Power Bank. We've all been there: 1% battery life and no way to charge up. Pack power with you wherever you go with Power Banks, the portable battery charger with personality.

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As we gear up for the busiest time of the year, make sure you’re equipped to elevate your smartphone with stylish, must-have tech accessories to eliminate the little hassles created by the gadgets we depend on.