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Summertime is quickly approaching. With the official start to summer only a week away, the sun is out, the temperature is climbing, and summer plans are in full swing. The start of summer means travel, BBQs, baseball games and more, getting you out of the house and a daily dose of Vitamin D. To make sure that wherever you go you’re ready for what summer throws your way, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have tech accessories to compliment your on-the-go lifestyle. Shop the entire Summer Essentials collection today > Protective iPhone Bottle Opener Case: This phone case turns your...

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Julie at the Gadgeteer takes a look at the most recent addition to the Toddy Gear product line, the protective iPhone Bottle Opener phone case for iPhones.  "Summer is so close that I can almost taste it. What does summer taste like? Grilled hamburgers and a cold beer. That’s why a bottle cap opener is the most important tool of summer, so here’s an iPhone case that makes sure you’ll always have one on hand. Wait, what?" Read the full article here.

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"I love seeing and using the different technology and latest gadget that comes out, especially the different things that Toddy Gear offers!" Read the entire blog post here. 

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"We are very much a gadget loving family and love our tech accessories. Most families in this day in age though are, right?! We are on the go and are carrying our gadgets with us. Which means we want tech accessories that not only can keep up with us but that are fun." Read the full post from Dawn at Blogging Mom of 4 here. 

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"As a blogger on the go, I am always in need of accessories to keep my phone connected and fully charged. With this Toddy Gear kit, I have everything I need in a stylish bag and it is perfect for my traveling adventures." Read the full blog post here. 

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