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Consider this: just over 30 years ago, Oregon Trail was the apex of innovative classroom technology. A cult favorite among older Millennials, it was once a coveted resource only available on shared classroom computers. Fast forward a few decades and technology has proliferated the modern classroom. The days of sharing one ancient computer are way over. These days, teachers, students and parents alike depend on the latest technology to teach, learn and communicate. We’ve traded notebooks and pens for screens and a stylus. It’s time we all learn how to properly care for these more sophisticated, expensive devices. Constant use...

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"My favorite thing about Toddy Gear is that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion and style when it comes to your tech accessories, because they allow YOU to be the designer when it comes to their products." Read the full review here.

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"This wedge is simple adorable and the perfect addition to my desk, I'm even thinking of ordering a second one for my night stand." Read the full review from Laura at Real Momma here. 

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"Because all dads deserve some new gadgets and toys [...] The Toddy Gear Wedge stand is perfect for in the office, at home, and even on an airplane." Read the full AppAdvice article here.

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"Charging your iOS device doesn't have to be boring. With Toddy Gear's lineup of stylish deluxe smart chargers, you'll never be left offline." See the full article from AppAdvice here. 

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