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Jumpstart Spring Cleaning: Three Reasons Microfiber Matters

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Jumpstart Spring Cleaning: Three Reasons Microfiber Matters

Every year, about this time, you start thinking about ways to Spring Clean your home, office, car, and more. You’re ready to welcome warmer weather and find new ways to keep our spaces clean and organized. Spring cleaning plans are often ambitious and require stocking up on new cleaning supplies.

But what if you had an eco-friendly microfiber option that didn’t require murky chemicals or a restocking trip. An American-made product carefully crafted to get the job done while uniquely reflect your style and personality. Enter Toddy Gear microfiber products that make cleaning more than just your cell phone a breeze.

Why Toddy Gear microfiber, you ask? We've outlined the top 3 reasons below. But, if you're already convinced, shop our best Spring Cleaning deal now and save: for a limited-time only, we are offering Smart Cloth bundles up to 50% off.

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1. The hand-crafted, expertly-designed cloths offer a superior clean.

The high-quality microfiber plush does the hard work of wiping screens, lenses, and more free from even the worst dirt and grime without spreading germs around. The silky front features designs created by our expert, in-house design team to reflect the latest trends and styles, offering you a chance to polish screens but more importantly, showcase your unique personality.

Your smartphone, tablet, glasses, cameras, and more all reflect your personal style and ambitions. It's time to show the same care and attention you pay to picking out those must-have items to selecting the accessories that will keep them pristine. Because they're designed and hand-crafted right here in the Chicagoland area, the cloth you choose is not only built to last but probably also has matching tech accessories like phone cases, power banks, and more to showcase your style no matter where you are. 

2. It's more than just a screen cleaner.

Both functional and fashionable, the 5x7 Smart Cloth, 9x9 Smart Cloth, and Pocket Toddy aren't just for your smartphone. Keep anywhere you need themkitchen, office, car, kids playroom, you name itsmall and portable, they’re easy to tuck away for the next cleaning emergency. These microfiber cloths are an essential addition to your Spring Cleaning routine, as it will clean smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from your smartphones, tablets, computer screens, eyeglasses, car dashboards, and more.

And when they start showing the dirt and grime they clean away all you have to do is throw it in with your laundry.

3. You can ditch the harmful chemicals.

When it does come down to cleaning sensitive screens, like your iPhone, tablet, or Canon lens, stores often offer a small spray bottle of screen cleaner that promises to give you the best clean. However, electronics and liquids don't always mix well, especially if there are chemicals involved. Toddy Gear microfiber is constructed to provide the best, liquid-free clean and keep your most precious devices safe.

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