iPad Mini Screen Cleaner from Toddy Gear

How to Clean Your iPad Mini Screen

Toddy Gear products are not just beautifully designed, but intelligently designed as well. To use a Toddy Smart Cloth as an iPad Mini cleaner, wipe smudges and prints from your screen using the plush microfiber side. Flip the product over to the silk microfiber side to buff and polish the screen. That's it! Your iPad Mini screen is cleaner, clearer, and it only took a few seconds!

The "Smart" iPad Mini Cleaner

Toddy Gear Smart Cloths are smart for a reason. Cloths are super safe as an iPad Mini screen cleaner; their scratch-free design doesn't need liquids, sprays, or chemicals. Oils, dusts and smudges are absorbed from naturally hydrophilic properties, and it's machine washable too. This is the Smart iPad Mini cleaner that fits in any pocket or purse, and you'll soon find you can't leave home without it!

The Wedge Makes a Great iPad Mini Screen Cleaner too!

The Wedge is an iPad Mini holder* and an iPad Mini cleaner in one! It has the same great properties of the Smart Cloth, but holds and supports your handheld electronic devices. Have your Wedge for the home, and your cloth to go; you can even get matching designs. No other iPad Mini cleaner has this coordination.

*For best viewing experience, use iPad Mini in vertical or horizontal position. For best interactive experience, we recommend using the iPad Mini in horizontal position only.

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