Asunder Micro USB to USB Cable (Personalized)

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When you are feeling blue and need a boost of hope, this cable gives you the will to go on. No matter how many pieces you feel like you have been broken onto, focus on the new life of the growing leafs that shine through the deep blue of this USB to Micro USB cable and always know that there is hope.

  • Durable, flexible cable for every day use
  • Compact and low-profile aluminum connectors heads fit in easily and securely with most cases 
  • Compatible with USB charging devices and wall outlets, and Apple and Windows computers with USB ports 

Ideal for charging and syncing Android phones and tablets or connecting peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and more

Technical Specifications
1m/ 3.3ft
Low-profile aluminum connectors
USB 2.0
Transfer Speed 480Mbps

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