About Us

A Little Toddy History

Toddy Gear began in 2010 with one simple goal: clean screens effectively and fashionably to enhance the world’s gadgets. Enter the Toddy Smart Cloth, a premium microfiber cleaning cloth, forever changing the way people care for their electronics. The success of the Smart Cloth has led to product line expansion centered around a couple common denominators: smart and functional microfiber construction with antimicrobial protection. Click here to see our product offerings.

Our Commitment

Nearly three years later, we are redefining business as usual. Beginning in February 2013, Toddy Gear joined the growing ranks of businesses challenging manufacturing norms, bringing production from China to a local, Illinois-based warehouse. We are creating local jobs and shrinking our carbon footprint by reinventing the way we work. This move also allows for better mobilization of all departments for quick response to customer needs and increased visibility over our products from start to finish.

One More Thing...

Whether through retail, online or custom channels, we are committed to bringing top of the line electronics accessories to an ever-expanding audience of technology lovers. Now, more than ever, we are equipped to meet the needs and surpass the expectations of our customers. This is just the beginning of an extraordinary, worldwide movement to clean your screen and color your world.

Todd Gabel Founder & CEO


The Toddy Gear Difference

Toddy Gear offers a functional and fashionable line of premium microfiber products carefully crafted for effective, scratch-free cleaning of extremely sensitive surfaces. But what makes Toddy Gear so different?

Dual-sided cleaning Plush microfiber on one side to clean and a distinctively patterned silky microfiber on the other to polish. Distinctive Patterns Anticipating consumer demand, a variety of vibrant designs and patterns are available, adding personality, color and style to your everyday routine.
Antimicrobial Coating Protected with AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology to prevent the build up of mold and mildew. Brand your Toddy Businesses can customize our products with full color imprint areas for a logo or design that represent their unique brand identity for everyday use. Visit brandyourtoddy.com for more information.
Naturally Hydrophilic Absorbs oils, dust and smudges without the need for any messy, potentially harmful sprays. Reusable and Environmentally Friendly Washable, stain and wrinkle resistant, click here for specific product care instructions.

Our products are ideal for cleaning dirt and fingerprints from mobile devices, lenses and more. Keep screens and lenses such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, flat screens, computer monitors, cameras, sunglasses and eyeglasses clean and protected with premium microfiber!